Playgirl Killer

Playgirl Killer ★★★

Made exclusively for viewers who can't imagine a hotter fantasy than getting a back rub from their favorite 1960s pop star... Neil Sedaka.

Sedaka's supporting role is probably most people's reason to check out the Canadian sexploitation thriller Playgirl Killer, unless you're like me and are ever so slightly obsessed with watching as many films as humanly possible starring Herschell Gordon Lewis's favorite fella, William Kerwin. Bill is the title predator here (makes sense given that he co-wrote the story with younger brother Harry Kerwin), playing a painter whose predilection for dispatching his models through various grisly methods - even by harpoon! - ultimately causes his own poetically macabre downfall. And as with Scum of the Earth, the presence of Kerwin's facial hair designates increased malevolence, so I knew I was guaranteed a good time.

Color Me Blood Red did the homicidal artist routine more effectively, but that film didn't feature Neil Sedaka singing a surefire dance chart-topper in tribute to one of the worst creatures on Earth, "The Waterbug." I would explain the context for the striptease at the end of that clip, but isn't it great either way? Meanwhile, Playgirl Killer was the first and last screen credit for director Erick Santamaria, whose IMDb page doesn't contain a shred of personal information; in the past week I correctly guessed the Giraffe on The Masked Singer and might have figured out what became of 80s horror actor Patrick Lowe (as noted in this review's comment), so maybe I can keep the streak going by solving this latest mystery too.

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