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  • The Long Goodbye

    The Long Goodbye


    The best Robert Altman film I've seen. I've only also seen Popeye, so i guess it's not a lot to go off of.

    This interpretation of Chandler's The Long Goodbye has us in 1970s LA. The seediness, grit and corruption is not hidden like in the grandeur of 1940s LA in Chandler's novels. This is essentially a 40s and 50s classic noir film that happens to take place in the 70s and has afros and chest hair.

    This Philip Marlowe…

  • The Bad Sleep Well

    The Bad Sleep Well


    Akira Kurosawa Ranked

    We really need to bring back all the classic noir titles to movies. The Bad Sleep Well, Touch of Evil, The Big Sleep. These are amazing names.

    The Bad Sleep Well has a great premise and a stellar cast and story. Not to mention it's a loose adaptation to Hamlet. The problem, unfortunately, is the execution. From a filmmaking standpoint it's great (no surprise there). But from a strictly story standpoint it's boring until about halfway through…

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  • Overlord



    With a premise that promises some great thrills, gore, and disgusting Cronenberg-like body horror, you would hope you would leave the film feeling pumped and wanting to play Call of Duty: Black Ops zombies. What you get with this film is a pretty by-the-book and straightforward narrative when the plot deserves an edgier, pulpy roller coaster.

    It plays it safe when they should be killing off characters with George Romero-esque mutilations and killing them off as much as Game of…

  • Ran



    Akira Kurosawa Ranked

    An epic that reaches the heights of the adapted framework, King Lear, Ran is Kurosawa's magnum opus. Yeah. Better than Seven Samurai and Rashomon.

    Everything from production design, to framing and choreography is meticulously and masterfully crafted. It's imagery is magnificent and beautiful at the same time as being grotesque and disturbing. Can't really say that's something I've seen all that much.

    Every frame should be in a museum. My directing teacher says that all the time…