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  • Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

  • The Batman


  • Alien Resurrection


  • ROT - Silent Hill


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  • Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

    Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

    I will give points the first one, the look of it gave off that Silent Hill game vibe, the story while not entirely accurate to the game, it's a take it or leave it scenario and you either appreciate it as a separate thing or hate it for essentially changing one of the core factors that made the original game the classic that it is.

    On my review of the first i was pretty mixed to slightly positive about the…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    I can relate to this Batman and Bruce Wayne, being up all night and looking so tired during the day that your bags under your eyes are darker than your suit, yep I can understand that.

    This movie was what I was hoping for, bringing back to a more darker down to earth Se7en crime story it was good and really illustrated the fear that criminals get when it is dark.
    Only downside is went on a touch too long…

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  • Aliens



    This movie has been dissected and discussed for several years so nothing I can say will be new.
    This movie is one of the best not just sequel or horror film but one of the best movies of all time.
    This is one of very few movies I can watch multiple times and still feel like I am on the edge of my seat with suspense.
    This is a perfect example of how to make a sequel surpass the original…

  • The Monster

    The Monster


    When I planned on watching this movie I was expecting another run of the mill creature feature, however going into this, before you even see the monster you see a story of a disturbing relationship between a mother and a daughter with monsters of their own in their lives.
    Despite this movie not breaking new grounds in the genre and not being scary to me I really enjoyed this movie.
    The monster itself is much more than just a creature…