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  • About Time
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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  • Never Say Never Again


  • Octopussy


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  • Moonraker


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  • Nope



    Sure Looks Strange to Me.
    Diving into new territory, Jordan Peele returns for an out of this world experience that plays with your expectations in shocking and terrifying ways.
    Pulling influence from iconic science fiction work, Nope uses suspense as its greatest weapon, holding just enough back before finally revealing its long-kept secrets. Misdirection is used masterfully in both the marketing and the final product, leading you into a false sense of security before the truth is unveiled.
    Control and…

  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    Delays Expected.
    The foul-mouthed, high-energy Bullet Train leaves the station for two hours of non-stop action with a chaotic but distinctive attitude.
    Brad Pitt fronts an all-star ensemble cast as one of many assassins that find themselves on a Bullet Train to Kyoto. Leading with his signature and frustratingly effortless swagger, he carries the film with many memorable supporting roles - Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry being stand-outs.
    As soon as the journey begins it's relentless at throwing over…

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  • Never Say Never Again

    Never Say Never Again


    Humble Servants of the Crown.
    In a unexpected turn of events, Sean Connery returns as James Bond in a discount remake of Thunderball otherwise known as Never Say Never Again.
    Though not technically canon to the official series, in a behind the scenes story that is more entertaining than half the Bond films, this standalone instalment went head to head with Eon and Roger Moore bringing Connery back to the role he made so iconic. This swansong brings an aging…

  • Octopussy



    You Have a Nasty Habit of Surviving.
    There I go saying that Bond is becoming more grounded with For Your Eyes Only and then in this, Moore himself mocks me by dressing up as a clown in the final act.
    In this disjointed outing as the Cold War was in the zeitgeist in the early 80s, Octopussy revolves around the threat of nuclear war from its Russian villains. It's very of its time but as Bond jets around the world,…

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  • Soul



    Your Life is About to Start.
    Pixar has tackled our emotions, our childhoods, and even the monsters under our bed, so it makes sense that their next logical step would be to discuss the meaning of life.
    Soul is the story of Joe, who after losing his passion gets the chance to evaluate his life when he is transported out of his body to the great beyond. But more importantly, Soul is a clear and obvious reminder of why Pixar…

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    You're Struggling to Have Everything You Want.
    Time will tell whether I am running high off adrenaline but regardless No Way Home is an ambitious, exhilarating and guaranteed audience pleaser that takes bold risks that pay off in a huge way.
    Tom Holland gives his most emotion-filled performance to date, stepping up as the hero he was always meant to be and giving the suggestion of 'great responsibility' that every iteration of the hero holds so dear a try.