Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

What if, Just Once, We Did Something for Us?
Army of the Dead has a really exciting premise and Synder's visual eye does deliver on many of the insane ideas of a Vegas Zombie Apocalypse but its focus feels really disjointed as it balances many tedious characters and wastes more interesting concepts as throwaway lines.
What Army of the Dead does have going for it, is that it knows how brainless it is. Focusing more on vibrant gory visuals and pushing the genre to its extremes - it's an undeniably entertaining time.
Where it does not need to be almost three hours long and it could have trimmed many nonsensical plot threads out whilst keeping its cheeky personality, Army of the Dead is a great film to watch as a group and is an exciting juxtaposition to his debut Dawn of the Dead.

Special shoutout to Tig Notaro for being the best character despite being a late addition to the production.

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