Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets

Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets ★★½

It Was Good While It Lasted.
Through slurred conversations Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets gives a shockingly honest look into a Las Vegas dive bar during its final day.
There's an oddly comforting feel to the film, don't read into what that says about me, but amongst the arguments and debates there's a real sense of community amongst the locals of 'The Roaring 20's'. Very much a fly on the wall piece, the tone changes on a dime led by the discussions of the group. Moving from celebration to sudden hostility, the mood swings reflect that of someone that maybe has had too many drinks and this disorienting nature does make you feel like you may have had one or two yourself.
Intimately shot, this would be the perfect film to have on in the background to replicate the feeling of the havoc of a night out.

LFF: Film 11
London Film Festival 2020: Ranked.

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