Bombshell ★★★

Breaking News.
A very unsubtle film, Bombshell does a lot right, but also does a lot wrong in a very middle of the road look into the sexual harassment case of Roger Ailes at Fox News.
For starters, the makeup is incredible, Charlize Theron has been transformed into Megyn Kelly and the team definitely deserved the makeup and hairstyling oscar. The performances all round, especially by the three leads, are fantastic across the board each getting their own chance to shine through adding to the weight and the emotion.
But tonally, its a mess. A film that hits subject matter this raw especially when it's based on fact should not have an upbeat, quirky fourth wall breaking style. But it doesn't even commit to it, it jumps back and forth between office style comedy to serious drama in a heartbeat, making for an overall uncomfortable watch. The writer, Charles Randolph attempts to make the style of his previous film The Big Short fit and the pieces just do not go together. And I'm not going to touch on a film of this grandeur being written and directed by two white men.
Tackling a less than pleasant story like this was no mean feat and although it doesn't always hit the mark, there are lessons and moments of Bombshell that need to be seen.

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