Captain Marvel ★★★½

Smells Like Kree Spirit.
A lighthearted palate cleanser, Captain Marvel is an empowering watch though it does fall into the realm of a 'by the books' origin story that we have seen a million times before.
The opening 30 minutes feel very generic but the film picks up when Carol arrives on Earth. The story behind discovering who she is and the learnings she makes about the Skrulls, Kree and herself keep you compelled finishing with an explosive and exciting final act.
The memory sequences especially during the interrogation scene were impressive and well edited giving away just enough infomation, which would have been fine if the later plot points weren't ridiculously predictable.
An upbeat galactic adventure that falls a bit too much into the nostalgia factor of: "remember this 90s thing?"
It will be interesting to see how future installments handle the sheer magnitude of her powers. Only time will tell...
Till the End of the Line: Part 21 of 22.

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