F9 ★★★½

You Turned Your Back on Me.
The Fast Saga has had a hell of a transformation over its 20 year life.
What started as simple street racing gradually evolved into heists, to spec ops missions, to literally saving the world. Fast & Furious 9 sits firmly in the 'what is going on?' end of the spectrum but like its past few predecessors embraces the insanity - this time getting cheekily self-aware.
Family is always at the core of the series, even if it's brothers we've mysteriously never heard of until the ninth installment. John Cena joins the huge cast of recognisable faces for two hours of loud engine-revving hysteria.
I have a sweet spot for the series. Yes, they are exposition machines that distract you with vibrant visuals, but there's real anticipation to see how they are going to defy your expectations. Fast & Furious 9 is by no means the best of the series and to say it's 'jumped the shark' would put it lightly but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't engaged throughout and had an absolute blast watching cars go boom. I live for the simple things.
Oh and #JusticeforHan…

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