Farewell Amor

Farewell Amor ★★★

I Can't Be Your Saviour.
Reunited after 17 years apart, Farewell Amor tells the story of a family having to readjust their lifestyles, each in vastly different ways.
By splitting the narrative up between the three characters, it gives a different perspective on the central story. As the family comes together to start a new life in New York, Walter has to welcome them back into his life and move away from his independent lifestyle, Esther turned to religion since Walter moved away and has to figure out where her beliefs sit in her new life as an American and Sylvia has been pulled away from her life in Africa and tries to reinvent herself despite her families best wishes.
Their different motives clash as they have to learn to be a family and attempt to reconnect with something that they never truly connected with in the first place. Also addressing the culture clash that comes from moving to Africa to the USA, Farewell Amor looks at the immigrant experience from a different angle making for a touching and personal piece.

LFF: Film 7
London Film Festival 2020: Ranked.

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