Herself ★★★★½

Grand Designs.
Unexpectedly hard-hitting and emotional, Herself is the story of a woman escaping her abusive lifestyle to build, literally and figuratively, a new and safe life for herself and her daughters.
Clare Dunne tugs at your heartstrings by not only co-writing the film but giving a captivating lead performance as she experiences the highest highs and lowest lows whilst trying to create a life of her own.
Beneath the darkness, there is such warmth in this. You want nothing more than for her to succeed - the filmmakers know that they have you exactly where they want you, hitting the right beats to build you up and bring you crashing down again. It is quite formulaic and predictable - but it does it so well.
I hope people get to experience this film, I hope that Clare Dunne gets the recognition she deserves. It's films like this that restore people's hope even through challenging circumstances.

LFF: Film 4
London Film Festival 2020: Ranked.

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