Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock ★★★½

I've Got No Time to Play Your Silly Games.
In another installment of Steve McQueen's Small Axe series, Lover's Rock is an intimate tribute to lovers, rockers, and the intoxicating power of music.
McQueen's handheld camerawork transports you to a blues party in the 1980s and where Lover's Rock may be lacking on plot, instead it surrounds you in this party atmosphere leaving you nostalgic not only for the time period but for when parties didn't have a maximum of six people.
With whole sequences in this 70 min piece dedicated to entire songs, you lose yourself in the moment, the music and atmosphere hypnotising you.
Overflowing with love for music and each other, Lover's Rock may not follow traditional narrative rules but McQueen has instead created a piece with a gloriously upbeat soundtrack that can only be described as a harmonious time capsule.

LFF: Film 30
London Film Festival 2020: Ranked.

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