New Order

New Order ★★★½

I'm Sorry for Your Loss.
I for one was not anticipating the utter chaos that New Order had in store.
An upper-class wedding party quickly descends into disarray as it gets abruptly interrupted by rioters in an immensely stressful sequence which only gets more harrowing as the film goes on.
The message of the poor rising up against the rich is not a new one, though New Order does go to the extreme of making the lower classes out to be violent sadists which leads to a muddled narrative but a truly uncomfortable watch. Director Michel Franco does not shy away from the brutality, putting you in the middle of the horrific madness to watch it unfold.
Through the screams and wails, though this is not for the faint-hearted, New Order is a surprisingly well-crafted look at when rising tensions boil over and the horrific lengths people will go to for power.

LFF: Film 29
London Film Festival 2020: Ranked.

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