One Man and His Shoes

One Man and His Shoes ★★★

Profit is More Important Than Human Life.
A tale of two halves, One Man and His Shoes tells the untold story of the iconic shoes, the insanity of the marketing behind them, and the devastating real-world effects that the high demand can have.
This energetically edited piece begins as a marketing masterclass, showing the one in a million story of how Air Jordans rose to popularity and how the machine that Michael Jordan kept them there. But the story takes a turn as it turns its focus onto the dark side of consumerism which shockingly results in deaths and murders over a pair of sneakers.
I wish that the documentary focused on one subject or the other. Although they obviously go hand in hand, but by spreading the focus between the two, it doesn't do either justice which the later half obviously deserves.
Though the tonal shift didn't work for me, One Man and His Shoes still brings attention to the harrowing impact that the 'arbitrators of cool' have had on consumers and black culture worldwide.

LFF: Film 23
London Film Festival 2020: Ranked.

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