Relic ★★★

Are You Leaving?
A disorientating slow burn, Relic does a great job of building dread but loses itself by overcomplicating and ultimately watering down its metaphorical themes.
Through the use of a pulsing, almost heavy breathing, score and skilled editing & direction, the foreboding tone of the rot that is slowly spreading itself through the house and the family is undeniable. It takes a while to find it's feet which eventually leads to a heart-racing final act, though it all feels a little too late. Saying that, I massively admire the mix of CGI and practical effects leading to some moments where you need to second guess if your mind is playing tricks on you - for better or for worse I will not be forgetting the last ten minutes anytime soon.
An ambitious horror that bites off more than it can chew but still delivers some grotesque and thrilling scares.
BONUS: Relic Drinking Game - Drink every time a character says 'Mum'.

LFF: Film 6
London Film Festival 2020: Ranked.

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