Rose: A Love Story

Rose: A Love Story ★★★

Why Do You Live Like This?
Rose: A Love Story hides a deadly secret in a cryptic and eerie secluded corner of the woods.
The less you know about this film the better. I went in completely blind and even though the clues were pretty obviously in front of me, I was still taken aback when questions were finally answered.
My main issue with Rose: A Love Story was the pacing - I found myself really brought in and intrigued to find out more about this couple and why they were living this sheltered lifestyle but after a slow and relatively uneventful second act I was eager for the film to wrap up just so I could get answers.
Jennifer Sheridan does a beautiful job of directing, the use of colour, darkness, and claustrophobic setting were all used to their advantage.
Rose: A Love Story is a fascinatingly subtle and off-balanced horror disguised as a love story which ultimately would have worked better as a short rather than a feature.

LFF: Film 22
London Film Festival 2020: Ranked.

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