Shirley ★★★

Why Would I Want to Harm You?
Filled with unease Shirley continues to prove that Elisabeth Moss can do no wrong.
When a couple comes to stay with writer Shirley Jackson and her husband Stanley, Shirley becomes obsessed with the wife as she begins to write her new novel. As the film goes on, we begin to see the world through Shirley's deranged eyes through chaotic editing and extreme (and quite uncomfortable) closeups. Whether it means to or not, Shirley forces you outside of your comfort zone with every cast member grasping for control.
Moss is on top form as the unsettling title character - the dialogue is so sharp and strikingly delivered, it's thrillingly horrible to watch Moss and Stuhlbarg speak their mind and bombard each other with criticisms.
Though it loses its footing in the final act, Shirley is mischievous, intimidating, and creates an unsettling atmosphere that you won’t soon forget.

LFF: Film 12
London Film Festival 2020: Ranked.

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