Supernova ★★★★

How Did You Come to Be This Person?
A devastating experience, Supernova packs an emotional punch with two heartfelt performances at its core.
Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci star as a couple taking a trip through the lake district to spend time with old friends. As we learn about Tucci's dementia diagnosis the film takes a delicate and affectionate turn as the discussion of what happens next plagues both their minds.
Firth broke my heart as Tucci's partner - in a situation no one wants to be in, he goes through every expected emotion as he has to find the strength in himself to guide his partner through this difficult situation. Tucci gives an equally vulnerable performance as he fears losing who he once was.
Writer and director Harry Macqueen has created such an honest yet subtle story. It's these moments that life throws at us that nobody wants to face and this film did a great job of acknowledging yet respecting those that have been in a similar situation.
I can't imagine there will be any dry eyes for anyone that gets to experience this beautiful and trusting film.

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