Time ★★★½

Life's Only Valid Expression.
Capturing a family's journey over twenty years, Time tells the devastating story of Fox Rich as she tries to keep her family together after her husband is incarcerated.
With a mixture of archived home videos and specially shot footage, it creates this deeply intimate look into the family's pain and struggles as they keep faith and fight for Rob's release. What I admire and respect about this film as it doesn't try to justify the crime, it asks for forgiveness and focuses not only on the harsh sentencing but on how the crime affects the people surrounding it.
You see the family grow and mature through the intimately shot footage - the boys to men and Fox into the strong and authoritative figure that her family and community needs.
Like most documentaries, the emotion comes from the story but the impact comes in how it is edited. There are moments throughout this, especially in the closing moments where I got chills on how over twenty years of footage is pulled together to tell such a passionate and frustrating story.
Desperate people do desperate things, after that all they can do is ask for forgiveness.

LFF: Film 13
London Film Festival 2020: Ranked.

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