Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★

takes imaginative, indie director James Gunn and nearly strips him completely of his creativity. i think the only people to really blame here are probably the white collared executives over at marvel studious. it's very obvious gunn wanted to do something mad crazy with Guardians of the Galaxy but instead got to do something halfway decent crazy. the edgiest thing about this mcu joint is marvel introducing new characters to audiences that are afraid of new.

and it sort of worked; hence why this movie was a smash hit. and even with Gunn's zaniness feeling restricted, the room he's somewhat given for his imagination to run free in his movie is definitely cool -- but that's whenever those fleeting moments occur. the chuckle worthy, candy colored palleted addition to the cinematic universe might not be as different as it might be on paper than it is in context. but it's so hard to hate this one especially with the likable characters and its big heart.

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