Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★½

Think you're ready? You aren't. Trust me.

10 years have been leading to this. Leading to sadness, to anger, to confusion. Leading to the gutsiest blockbuster of all time. It doesn't give you room to breathe, not even for a second, and the sheer amount of excitement it brings to the table is off the richter scale. I don't want to say much because it needs a second viewing immediately but one things for sure, Thanos lives up to the hype. Brolin is absolutely fantastic in the role and he's the best villain in a CBM since Heath Ledger's Joker... Yep, you heard me. Also every scene with Rocket/Thor, Strange/Stark and Thanos/Gamora is pure gold. While Ragnarok still remains supreme for me in the MCU, this does not disappoint. See it as soon as you can and feel the goosebumps elevate and remain there for 2 and half hours. I'm strapped for words guys, it's definitely something.

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