Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★

I’m gonna be honest with you guys... I really dislike this. Not only is it ridiculously bland (I ask again, why is Jon Watts attached?) terribly predictable and tonally confusing but the characters themselves, the very things that make Spider-Man such a cool property, are utter... and I can’t stress this enough... trash. Between unearned development (MJ and Pete), unnecessary comedic relief (Ned, Mr. Harrington) and just plain awfully written characters (Flash, Betty & Brad) I found it hard to even enjoy the one thing that makes a Marvel film worth the admission price - the spectacle. Gyllenhaal is fine, nothing special whatsoever and those who say he was are flat out lying. Holland’s Peter Parker is pretty great, maybe the only shining light of this whole thing, but his Spider-Man still just doesn’t do it for me... I hate that he’s not smart enough to solve his own problems and relies on technology or help to get him through sticky situations (awfully like *cough* The Flash on CW *cough*). And worst of all, Aunt May being fine with Peter being Spidey and giving absolutely no backstory as to why she’s so supportive of it makes no sense to me. It works in Into The Spider-Verse for a reason, not here. Watts isn’t the man to handle this character, he never was, and as long as his playful tone is attached to this property they’ll never reach the heights of Raimi’s work (or Webb’s first instalment for that matter). That’s the ONE thing I’m absolutely sure of after watching this.

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