Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★

Bold, Brave, Unrelenting & Absolutely Exhausting, The Last Jedi is a Star Wars film like no other before it. Rian Johnson's direction is refreshing and adventurous, and unfortunately for Rogue One it has now been dethroned from having the best action sequences in the franchise because the stuff in this is out-of-this-world good. John Williams' score, unsurprisingly, is extroardinary (third act especially) and he manages to blend in the new music we heard in The Force Awakens with stuff from the Original Trilogy and even the Prequels perfectly, it's an eargasm of the finest form. Performance wise everyone is great but Driver, Hamill and Fisher especially are absolutely brilliant, what Adam does with Kylo in this installment is really audacious and i fucking love it. For me the story was a little swamped and uneven at times and in all honesty a whole arc feels unnecessary/out of place but it's still enjoyable and it's still Star Wars so I'm willing to let it slide. Yedlin's cinematography cannot go unnoticed either, absolutely gorgeous... the whole Crait sequence gave my eyes goosebumps.

I need some time to process my thoughts and another viewing to make sure this isn't all hyperbole so don't take my word for anything but at this moment in time The Last Jedi is contending with The Empire Strikes Back for that #1 Spot. This very well may be another perfect trilogy in the making and i have full faith in Abrams to put that cherry on top with Episode IX. Thank you for a wild ride, Rian. (I approve of the Porgs too)

Rest In Peace Carrie Fisher, Our Princess.

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