When Harry Met Sally... ★★★★★

my heart is overflowing. my best friend suggested i watch this about 3 months ago and I've probably seen it about 6 times since but finally i got to watch it with her and uhhhh, i can't stop crying??? this is an experience I'll remember forever for so many reasons. for one, she pointed out that billy crystal voiced the little green alien in monsters inc. and that information fucking blew my mind but also moments like harry and sally watching casablanca together over the phone reminding me of all times we have watched stuff on rabb.it, or the way we admired sally's outfits and harry's sweaters together throughout the whole thing. i felt, as charlie kelmeckis would say, infinite. watching this friendship blossom over an hour and half always feels like I've been there with them for 10 years which i find really special. even though i already know what happens whooping and wooing for harry as he is running to get sally at the end is just a normal thing for me to do now and his speech still manages to empty out every little tear i have left in my body. also wanna give a special shoutout to my girl carrie fisher, I'll forever love, miss and admire you, and you looked fucking incredible in that wedding dress, sally crying looking at you was a big mood. this is easily one of my favourite film experiences ever and I'm really glad its another one i got to spend with issy because her being there just adds so much to any viewing. god damn you rob reiner for making a film so genuine and heartwarming, i need another box of tissues.

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