Tenet ★★★

Nolan is as masterful a craftsman as they come lately, so why do I absolutely hate his sound mixes? I could barely hear what anyone was saying which, in an exposition/“rules” of the world kinda way, is crucial. And most times people are talking over masks (how relevant!) which only made it harder. Just had to let it go and let the film wash over me. I’m sure I’ll like it a lot more when it’s at home with a better home theater mix and a nice set of subtitles.

There’s a few action scenes that are truly stunning including a fight scene (scenes? 😜) thats next level (and was likely a nightmare to figure out).

As much as I’m a sucker for anything“shot on IMAX”, I didn’t think this needed it, likely perfectly fine at home or a drive in. 

That said, being in an IMAX theater alone with a mask on when half the time the characters have masks too was a little surreal.

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