Hustlers ★★★½

hell yes!

Scafaria directs the hell out of this movie. from the colors to the music to (most of) the performances this movie just plain rocks. the more i think about it the more i fall in love with keke palmers insane performance. the story is killer and Scafaria does an amazing job keeping it together.  J-Lo is so fucking hot and her intro is the best of the year by far; when she comes in you’re not sure if you’re about to watch Goodfellas or Showgirls but you’re IN!! but my biggest gripe is with the Wu who i think is a... bad actress. full stop. did not care about her one bit. she seemed bored!  how?!?  why?!? ugh. it’s a hard part, and i don’t envy anyone who has to carry a movie with so many “out there” performances strewn about. but that’s my opinion. take it or leave it. in the end, it doesn’t really matter, but it does ruin the “rewatchability” for me a bit.