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This review may contain spoilers.

Caught the black and white theater presentation. In color, the production design stole the show for me but in black and white it felt like much more of a character story and an actors' showcase. It was more personal and I loved it.

The ending voiceover in which Ki-woo/Kevin outlines his intention to get rich in order to rescue his father  juxtaposed against Mr. Kim's "life cannot be planned" speech was much sadder on second watch. The grayscale put a pessimistic gauze over the entire capitalistic fantasy that is obviously doomed to fail. 

The horror still played and the twists still kicked. Some of the symbolism -- "it's so metaphorical" -- stood much more conspicuously this time around. For example, Mr. Park distainfully talks about lower class people "crossing the line" three or four different times and the Kims literally cross through hard lines in the frame whenever they're reaching above their station. I'm not sure if that's a criticism or what. 

This is virtually perfect. Can't wait to watch 500 more times.

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