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  • Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians

    didn't finish. people that went bananas for this,,, you guys do realize that chinese cinema is like a thing, right?

  • The Da Vinci Code

    The Da Vinci Code

    National Treasure for people that think they're cultured, a 2h30m exposition dump masquerading as scholarly literature, hundreds of years of art and history broadly packaged into aggressively artless and subtext-free conspiratorial tedium. no bigger indication of exactly what this is than how hanks' langdon is a harvard professor of "symbology"—and opens the film by explaining to a bunch of normies that this is, of course, the study of signs and symbols and their meaning or interpretation throughout history—despite the fact…

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  • Patriots Day

    Patriots Day

    a feature length adaptation of blue lives matter twitter and that one interview article where mark wahlberg said he'd have single-handedly prevented 9/11 had he been on one of the hijacked planes

  • Paterson



    "[there's] always another day, right?"

    a soft, relaxing ode to the brave act of getting out of bed every morning, and continuing to find your own avenues of creativity, love and support in a world that doesn’t hand you any. practically radical in its insistence on a simple, quiet, warm existence where everyone in the american working class is striving, creating and loving despite everything else trying to confine them. your first and last piece of art is the life you live—monumental, highly doubt there will be a better movie this year.