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  • Life



    With the noted resurgence of interest in space adventure stories, whether it be the emotional meditations of Gravity and Interstellar or the warm optimism of The Martian, it was only a matter of time before we traded in intellect and humanity for cheap nihilism, but did it have to be so boring? It’s perhaps emblematic of the current studio climate that Life feels even remotely refreshing: unconcerned with franchise building and city-destroying portals (though that didn’t stop fans from wishing…

  • Badlands



    love is strange

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  • Patriots Day

    Patriots Day

    a feature length adaptation of blue lives matter twitter and that one interview article where mark wahlberg said he'd have single-handedly prevented 9/11 had he been on one of the hijacked planes

  • Margaret



    just over four years ago, in my senior year of high school, i was driving home from my part-time job (a particularly mundane shift from what i can remember), speeding down the local hwy-35 trying to get home as fast as possible so i could maybe finish watching a movie before i needed to get some sleep. it couldn't have been any later than 11pm but it was dark & dreary enough that my mind keeps trying to convince me it…