Avengement ★★★

effective, grit-textured dtv british action/crime/revenge picture that pulls from early guy ritchie and movies like Chopper and Bronson mostly as an excuse to stage wall-to-wall bloody brawls—of the prison, bar, hospital, elevator and discotheque variety. not the most athletic showcase for adkins as a performer but he leans into the character and melodrama with more viciousness and regret than i thought him capable of and johnson still brings some of the cleanest, nastiest low-budget fight choreography you'll find accompanied by some bruuuuutal deaths and a moody synth score. 10v1 hand-to-hand bar climax in this is an early contender for best combat sequence of the year (not that there's much competition coming from mainstream action at the moment, only ones i can even think of: Shadow, Alita, John Wick 3) and the credits roll at exactly 83m.