Bad Trip

Bad Trip ★★★★

this has exactly one joke but that joke is fucking genius and incredibly well-realized in the filmmaking. obviously the Jackass movies and other comedy shows like Nathan For You have done hidden camera pranks while playing characters but there's a unique energy that comes with this almost front-to-back being completely indistinguishable from a cliche scripted studio comedy (the formal structure, pacing and rhythm of scenes, even specific dramatic shot choices), capturing these heightened tropes we buy into when we watch movies and then populating them with real people on the periphery to introduce spontaneity (that frequently doesn't play much differently than say improv) and get the most incredible reaction shots imaginable. there are some amazing setpieces conceived and i haven't laughed that hard for 90 straight minutes since maybe Popstar but the thing that really sent it over the top for me were the moments in here that legit wouldn't play any differently if they had been scripted, like the old man on the bench or the bus apology cheering. just genuinely beautiful moments of real life replicating the movies. loved this

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