Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★

the feminism is not the issue here, the original film is one of the great slashers films about bodily autonomy and navigating male rage (there is more frank discussion about abortion in that movie from 1974 than there is in movies today tbh), the issue is thinking that a didactic collection of online catchphrases about rape culture inherently translates to character, mood or danger because of its connection to real violence and trauma. i don't think this fails quite as much as others on here, i even like some of it conceptually (there's a brief argument about forcing a victim to come forward that is genuinely thorny until the yas queen team-up action finale steamrolls it) but largely the work was just not put in to make it work as horror, or really anything beyond broad wish-fulfillment/political caricature. i am sorta curious about the R-rated version this was cut down from tho.

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