Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane ★★★★★

an astonishing fictional rise-and-fall biopic where an entire life in all its complications and contradictions is expressed through a series of non-linear, subjective fragments of storytelling showmanship that simultaneously construct and deconstruct an enigmatic myth of american empire. every time i sit down to watch this i go "ok but is it really that good?" and every single time i am sucked in by the form which combines expressive deep-focus images with lots of wide and low-angle compositions that take in the gorgeously-designed, idiosyncratic interior spaces (including miniatures and optical illusion set extensions) and serve to heighten the constantly overlapping sound design and montage that collapses all of the techniques (and the sense of time and space they establish) into a panoramic stream of memory. a cinematic and psychological parade of wealth, power, ego and ultimately isolation that feels like watching one big, strange funeral.

anyway i guess its pretty good. you guys heard of this one?

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