Cold in July

Cold in July ★★★★

solid little texas neo-noir that is stylish and gross and like any good piece of paperback pulp is pretty shaggy and archetypal and mostly an excuse to take a bunch of actors in cowboy hats driving around at night and drench them in neon lights and grim atmosphere until they're forced into various setpieces involving mutilated corpses, snuff films and slick peckinpah shootouts at underground murder porn warehouses. i'm not sure it's the best version of any of these genres but i was mildly impressed that in under 2 hours it was somehow simultaneously a good-man-goes-ugly "righteous" violence crime story, a cop conspiracy thriller, a vigilante rescue mission movie and then finally one of those oldschool 70s revenge bloodbaths. movies i thought about while watching this: A History of Violence, Blood Simple, Hardcore, Rolling Thunder. more modern movies should make me think about these kinds of movies.

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