Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future ★★★★

Long live the new sex!

Finding organ-ization in chaos, meaning in mutilation and artistic expression in the dying days/dilapidated ruins of mankind. The inherent contradiction of inventing strange machines to just barely preserve our old, decrepit bodies in a constant state of painful life support while also accelerating our planet into a plastic husk of futurist technoporn performance art and environmental rot that is completely uninhabitable and unlivable unless we change with it. He’s been saying it for over 40 years now but maybe our bodies are trying to tell us something and it really is time to finally stop staring at the overgrown tumor and ecological decay and just surrender ourselves to whatever the next stage of human evolution is no matter how unnatural or radical or scary it may appear, and whatever it is, whatever form it takes you should do it with someone you love… And film it. 

Is it a spoiler to call this his Soylent Green? Regardless the old-timers still fucking got it! And he's still more than willing to pull his own innards out for us all to gaze at in disgust and awe. I was almost levitating during the final image. Any fans of eXistenZ, Dead Ringers and Crash in particular should get extremely excited, but should also keep in mind this is textbook late style master shit lmao (think what Schrader and Ferrara have been up to lately); cheap digital, unusual performances, random Greek tax credit location work—there’s even some iPhone stuff in here. It's also completely engrossing and weird and beautiful. We are so lucky to have a few of these guys left.

Full discussion on my podcast SLEAZOIDS.

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