Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 ★★★

not great but definite improvement over the first for me. the same meta superhero trope bullshit is present of course but there's marginally less obnoxious bro edginess and more actual jokes (a few of which are genuinely clever, every time they cut to the Vanisher i lost it) and even if not particularly special there's at least some semblance of style to the action which obviously helps… but surprisingly i was most struck by its actual undercurrent of despair. unlike the first that did everything in its power to ignore it this one acknowledges the sadness inherent to its hero's abilities which permeates the violence and humor. this character thinks of himself as marvel's bugs bunny but he's really its christ, here to gruesomely suffer and die over and over for our amusement and a lame moral. this is packed with so much tired drama tropes and hilariously cruel violence (that bit where he tries to strangle cable with his own twisted, dislocated arm, for example) that i honestly thought they might pull it off but unfortunately this is still a superhero movie, and even one that pretends its different has to play by the rules of the game—especially if it uses a literal rulebook as a joke like 4 times. so of course the lame drama can't be undercut and is instead very genuine and none of this can have any real lasting psychological effects (or even bodily, according to its even lamer credits teaser) and everything is saved and fixed in time for the next sequel, baby. but at least this was vaguely interesting to me for a moment somewhere in the middle as just a series of cruel body horror jokes against its star (what i enjoy about Edge of Tomorrow as well), that's really all you can ask for from these movies now.