Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep ★★★

i think that long stretches of this work; drunken dirtbag danny, child-murder cults, astral projection and unresolved cycles of trauma and violence. flanagan has obvious horror chops and i was grooving with how this was ostensibly a sequel to The Shining but appeared very thinly related to it and was off doing its own thing entirely. and then the last 30 minutes. i wouldn't say i hated them, but they did ultimately feel to me like a whole lot of runtime just to achieve the effect of making what was once cosmically terrifying and mystifying feel small and chintzy. i'm firmly on team flanagan and still think him among the best to adapt king because of how committed he is to leaning into that corniness—the ending of Gerald's Game, for example, something that never really worked for me on the page suddenly moved me on the screen. i was glad to see he even cast the great carel struycken again. the issue here as far as i could tell is that he is just absolutely not among the best to adapt kubrick. gonna generously give this the like for now because im willing to be convinced there's more going on in its reference-heavy finale (and weird franchise implication ending) but i didn't get there on this watch. great cat however

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