Häxan ★★★★★

A purported clinical documentary on witchcraft and satanism drawn almost entirely in unhinged expressionist horror images including foggy subterranean lairs, women giving birth to hairy horned beasts, moody nighttime broomstick rides, and general hysteria/torture that doubles as a timeless document on how fearmongering and religious imagery have been used throughout history as an excuse to torture women, even in times of supposed scientific enlightenment. Has to be one of the most overtly grotesque movies made in this period including detailed accounts of medieval torture devices and on-screen baby sacrificing. I couldn't take my eyes off the incredible sets and costumes, especially when this goes full fire-and-brimstone, hellish nightmare painting imagery with pig men, skeleton horses, clawed demons, and boiling cauldrons filled with people.

Full discussion on episode 156 of my podcast SLEAZOIDS.

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