Hereditary ★★★★

still feel like people are severely underrating how gleefully cruel this movie is. not much of a conventionally scary film or an incisive allegory on familial grief / fallout so much as it is an exercise in purely sustained, apocalyptic nihilism. aster's borderline obnoxious awareness of construction, completely literal narrative and constantly ratcheting tension (with not even an attempt at a recognizable relief or rhythm) all serve to exacerbate the film's deep, frothing desire to murder its kin; its farcical undermining of its characters attempts to avoid the overtly constructed meat grinder they've already been shoved into lends itself to a bizarre, uncomfortable (intentional) comedy i don't see many talking about but ultimately provide a much stranger, ickier experience than the strained Themes of the slick, Prestige Horror canon its been boxed into. i can't think of another film this carefully, psychotically hellbent on drawing out its cartoonishly inevitable suffering, and it's even more perverse when you consider how it follows up its internalized yearning for carnage with an ending that i wouldn't go as far as to say is hopeful but at least carries with it a shrugging, implicit acceptance of both the cursed, deteriorated psyche and bodily harm brought on by it. punishment may not bring you wisdom but you might as well get something out of it. genuinely think we should consider checking up on aster's parents and siblings and make sure they're ok.

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