Hold the Dark ★★

near-parody of this kind of completely miserable, deliberate, portentous "men,,, nature,,, violence,,, animals" stuff. at least The Grey tapped into a deeply wounded neeson at the time, recognized that as the most compelling on-screen energy and ran with it. this has got career-worst performances from most of its major cast (except james badge dale, who somehow comes out looking good in everything for whatever reason), who are almost uniformly operating in the exact same brooding, whispery "this has Themes" register. frequently comes alive in the action at least, there's an exceptionally brutal shootout about an hour in, but almost all of it is actively deflated by the slow, methodical style saulnier seems to think provide this with meaning. huge step down from the passively anxious, unpretentious Green Room imo, that managed to say—and make you feel—way more by simply diagnosing a vicious situation and then brutally sustaining it for 90 mins.