Hostel: Part II

Hostel: Part II ★★★★

really dig how this widens the lens of the first film's A Most Dangerous Game funneled through abu ghraib images by a eurohorror and exploitation gorehound to account for our knowledge of the process now. the victims and clients are now traced as equal participants in the structure because it should no longer be a shock that these women are meat for an industry (the literal snuff one in the film as well as the metatextual one we are complicit spectators in that my friend mike thorn notes in his excellent piece) or that wealth and leisure can only exist due to the extreme suffering of others, and boy if eli roth knows how to do anything it's depict the unbearable, repulsive textures of extreme suffering in an off-hand manner, like it's just another casual western ritual or rite of passage. which one could argue it is, just one we prefer to avert our eyes from and roth has never met a mess he didn't then want to shove someone else's face into. i guess this is all a long way of saying this movie is gross as hell. the much heard about penis dismemberment did not disappoint. some stray details i loved: the cut from the literal gothic bloodbath to the spa, the one client eating his victim in front of him like he's a piece of expensive ham, the contrasting montages of the bidding war from the golf courses, corporate offices, yachts, etc vs. the subterranean horror gearing up montage. pretty much a perfect visual metaphor for the leisure vs. suffering idea.