House of Gucci

House of Gucci ★★★

genuinely hilarious, and knowingly hilarious i think too, until around the halfway point where it suddenly remembers it’s supposed to be a serious prestige crime saga biography and asks us to do the impossible: engage with jared leto and lady gaga’s performances emotionally. instead of trying to go the knock-off scorsese route i wish instead it just fully committed to its caricatures and doubled-down on the family corporate backstabbing as moronic farce. pacino, irons and driver are quite good at walking the line between the two films but are also kind of underserved by how surprisingly disinterested in the fashion world the film is narratively/stylistically and how confused it becomes trying to juggle this many characters over such a long period of time. after awhile i could tell the movie was just hitting the actions and decisions of the wikipedia page and had completely lost the thread on the character motivation and psychology that led to them. anyway, kind of a mess but i can't deny it's a pretty fun mess for awhile.

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