In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood ★★★★★

"how can anyone know what's inside another person?"

brutal death-drive cinema. loses a bit of the immense, cumulative detail of capote's text but does a good job matching the structure; the ugly, random momentum you have reading it, and makes up for the lost information in its pure formal rhythm. the constant cross-cutting between grit-textured docudrama realism and bursts of intensely subjective memory is basically perfect and nails the procedural elements of how terrifyingly casual and unmotivated the carnage deployed by these boys was on its surface while also developing the vague, periphery material/psychological conditions that might've paved the way for it. and even more importantly drives home one of the key observations of the book about how when faced with unexplainable horrors that confound logical, spiritual, legal or economic thinking there's no real external system we can build that will help us make sense of it. the only place to turn is inward.