Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★★

very creepy and emotionally downbeat found footage ghost story that's operating somewhere between the authentic documentary format horror of ghostwatch (great combo of pristine filmic single camera photography by the fictional crew, authentic news footage & family photographs, and the noisy, glitchy tape images with strange figures in them), and the very twin peaks-esque rippling, void-like effect in the face of sudden incomprehensible loss that of course fractures the domestic surface and reveals a dark history underneath. the two modes merging together to effectively capture this fatalistic mood, this gravitational pull towards the natural desire to keep looking, keep telling stories, preserving memories, filling the spaces that used to have a living, breathing person in them... and even more disturbingly, the ability for the camera to pick up all the things we miss, the obvious signs of pain and suffering and impending doom.

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