Nocturama ★★★★★

"it was bound to happen, right?"

fuelled by bonello's deft and rhythmic compositions/editing, that find structurally and geographically interesting ways to thrill & comment simultaneously as he tracks 7 kids carrying out a paris bombing (there's a repetition of gunfire with constantly shifting visual information in the climax that so simply yet viscerally captures a sense of inevitability that my jaw actually dropped), this is a desperate cry for young people without genuine avenues of expression, political and otherwise, and wholly essential cinema. the extended, uneasy opening that lingers on the mundane, ordinary methodology of the homegrown terrorists is incredibly thrilling but the back half that meditates on the aftermath—contrasting these radical kids (misguided enough to think their actions have somehow put a dent in capitalism's role at large, let alone in their own lives) with the uncompromising systemic response to them that denies any sort of dialogue between the people in need and the people in power—is a legitimate showstopper. the final moments are easily some of the most harrowing of recent memory. terrorism (local or foreign) stems from, and leaves behind, way too many victims... and there is bound to be more until the conversation not just changes but take place at all. the soundtrack also features chief keef and willow smith—it's pretty major. (fun fact: didn't find out until afterward, but i watched this with de palma sitting a few seats back.)

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