Out for Justice ★★★

an infuriating movie because it's pretty good and fun as is (a lean 70s crime actioner with some sillier 90s elements thrown in) but there's an alternate universe version of this that wasn't produced by seagal who imposes His Thing onto it that would be a NY mob brotherhood version of Rolling Thunder. the better movie that forsythe clearly thinks he's in which is why seagal chose to cut out most of his scenes. flynn's direction is so blunt and nasty and kinda sad! what he and forsythe are doing here (flynn's 70s sense of economical, textured filmmaking and sudden, vicious body mutilation and bill's psychotic mania and hints of family melodrama pointing towards a larger history of a neighborhood tormented by drugs and violence) feels like it's on a different planet than seagal's version of this movie about a cool guy who fights good, gets the girl and saves a dog.

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