Speed ★★★★

watching this is just 2 straight hours of me being the guy on the bus who yells "this guy is nuts!!!!!" every time there's an insane practical stunt. completely absurd premise about an adrenaline junkie cop going head-to-head with dennis hopper who is extremely horny for explosions (“don’t fuck with daddy!”)  but filmed about as convincingly and economically as possible by legend jan de bont. also appreciate when a movie populates its civilian fodder with personalities and a real sense of humor, sounds insignificant but it makes the commuters feel more involved in the extraordinary circumstance which heightens the stakes in something like this obviously but also makes the setpieces a bit more collaborative and interesting than just the typical supercop action movie thing. idk, it's front-to-back pretty intense and beautiful and keanu and bullock both very hot.

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