The Dead Don't Die ★★★

so beyond lackadaisical as a satire, genre movie and comedy i'll confess i'm surprised to see people taking this at face value. i could see finding the cynicism and nihilism itself trite or irritating but i don't see a lot of acknowledgement of how overtly jarmusch is leaning into the most obvious genre conventions, jokes and cultural/political "critiques" here with a kind of "what's the point?" cringe anti-humor cinema. 50 years since zombies were first used to communicate the political severity of the american psyche in the heat of the civil rights and anti-war movement and look where we are. genuinely appeared to me to not just have contempt for people seeking refuge from our very real, presently unfolding apocalypse in a zombie movie starring bill murray but also the people making that movie—presumably jim got his paycheck, and the cycle of consumption continues.

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