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repurposes the paranoid body horror of The Thing/Body Snatchers and the lean genre machine setpieces of The Terminator into an absurd and absurdly violent scifi cop drama about an intergalactic chase between one alien who comes to earth as an endlessly destructive force of consumption and overdoses on both american culture (ferrari's, hair metal, strip clubs, grand theft auto style mass murder) and a cartoonishly callous disregard for human life (the pure bodily harm ownage on display in this movie...), and another another alien who observes that same destruction, sees its rippling pain/consequences and instead opts for a twisted but moving form of grace and compassion. not before using a giant flamethrower on a sitting US senator, however. it's crazy how far a sturdy sense of craft behind the camera, kyle mclaughlin, a squib budget and the sheer confidence to just leave the audience hanging in a string of unpretentious, "what the fuck" suspense sequences for over an hour before slowly doling out the reveals and subtext can take an otherwise schlocky premise like this. loved it.

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