The King ★★★

didn't really buy into this as the "war is ugly, difficult to resist, the inevitable political machinations of unchecked power, etc" paranoia thing it clearly wants to be, played more to me like michôd watched Game of Thrones s6e9 once (1) and made a movie around getting there. he's a competent filmmaker no question but imo this needed someone more unhinged and willing to get swept up into the bloodthirsty hysteria we're meant to believe distracts hal from the very obvious ~twist~ this goes for in its final moments. however arkapaw shoots the hell out of it, britell's score is a banger and i find edgerton incredibly watchable just all the time so i'll take it. also i will give it some credit for triggering one of the most visceral reactions i've had watching a film this year; it was not during any of its violent sequences, but instead the reveal of robert pattinson’s choice of french accent about halfway through the film which i guess could be considered its own form of violence against the nation of france. the first words out of his mouth legit knocked the wind out of me and i had a hard time paying attention for the remaining hour.

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