The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★★


"have you no decency?"

ford, leone and keaton in the trappings of a modern glossy pg blockbuster. gore applies digital the formal trickery he experimented with in the Pirates sequels and applies them to huge and beautiful oldschool western iconography that doubles as a surprisingly vicious indictment of gentlemanly respectable neoliberalism—directly tying liberalism (when we first meet our hero he considers john locke a prophet) to capitalism, the good guys are able to sleep at night due to their socially conscious ~treaties~ ("are you capable of that?") meanwhile they actively craft a brutal world that can only run if the poor eat each other. verbinski's action here is undeniably thrilling and impeccably staged (the train setpieces in here are best of the decade contenders), but it's also in conversation with the corpses that these train tracks of progress were built on. perhaps most fascinating though is the contradiction of this film's very existence; the product of a billion dollar corporation, a white man in the native role... as we already know, the wheels of "progress" grind on.

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